Welcome to Kaptain Foods

Kaptain Foods Limited is a food processing company established in 2015 to produce a blend of pre-cooked and packaged food products to serve the needs of families around the world. The vision of Kaptain Foods Limited is to provide value to its customers. The management of the company is committed to excellence in all stages of production and processing of its products.

The huge population, socio-economic variables and lifestyle patterns of urban cities in Nigeria support the need to continue to innovate the ways in which food and other household necessities are served, packaged and delivered.

Hence the introduction of the research-based, ready-to-cook, blend of fresh tomatoes, red peppers and onions prepared with state-of-art equipment in compliance with internationally recognized hygiene standards. Our products have a secret condiment which gives it the delicious fresh, unique taste. There are no chemical additives or preservatives as the natural ingredients serve as preservatives.

Our products are the Kaptain Fully Cooked Ready Stews available in Mild and Hot Pot varieties. They are available to serve individuals, households, restaurants, hotels, schools and other institutions.

Soon, we shall be launching our “tomato paste” to cater for consumers that do not consume pepper and for those who prefer to have their tomatoes separately.

We are a wholly Nigerian company and all our raw materials are sourced locally.

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